What Is The Difference Between Outside And Inside Sales

Every organization needs to incorporate either inside or outside sales processes to increase their sales. Other organizations opt to combine both of the methods for better and efficient results. However, every organization needs to strategize which method works best for them depending on the nature of products and services. Alternatively, they can use the services of one of the real estate ISA companies for professional, faster and huge sales.

Outside sales

In outside sales, the sale person needs to interact face to face with the consumers. It is also referred to as field sales. The sale person needs to work outside the office and schedule meetings with the consumers to strike deals and make sales.

This type of sales strategy is quite expensive as the salesperson needs to travel, dress appropriately and maybe incur renting fees on the venue of the meeting. However, the method is quite useful as it helps the consumers build trust and physically hold the products to determine their quality.

The schedule of outside sales is not fixed as consumers will meet you when it is convenient for them. Additionally, a consumer has the freedom to re-schedule or cancel the meeting time. However, the sale person needs to report to the office frequently to give progress in their sales.

Inside sales

It is the most common type of sales in most organization. The salesperson does not need to travel to the location of the consumer but can do so through the telephone, emails or by webinar technology. This type of sales strategy is also referred to as virtual sales or remote sales.

The salesperson sells products and services at the comfort of their office desk. It mainly involves contacting potential consumers, convincing them why they should buy the products and ensuring they the products.

Alternatively, a company can hire inside sales agent real estate to ensure that sales are massive. A company can also classify consumers who call enquiring about various products and buy as inside sales.

Outside sales vs indoor sales

Outside sales and inside sales are both effective but depending on the nature of products and services one is more result-oriented. Outside sales are useful for expensive and bulky items such as cars and heavy electronics while inside sales are useful for light products and services. For instance, hospitality industries use inside sales while automobile industries mainly use outside sales.

Outside sales are quite expensive and need to be incorporated into products that have a higher return. If your products and services have a lower return, it is best to stick to inside sales.

Complex organization such as financial institutions use both types of sales strategies. This process is known as lead generation and gives more efficient results. In this method, the salesperson in the field refers the consumer to the salesperson in the office for completion of the transaction.


Sales involve the exchange of goods and services for money. An organization needs to incorporate various strategies to ensure that they make massive sales. Outside and inside sales are the most common sales strategies that are effective in the market.