4 Secrets From Starbucks Employees.

With a staff of 277,000 employees throughout the 24,000 shops, Starbucks is one of the biggest coffee shop chains around the world. The extremely efficient and fully trained employees have the job to prepare some of the best coffee related recipes, manage long lines of customers, understand the different menu choices, and never lose their composure when they do it because Starbucks ‘ mission statement is to serve the best quality coffee to everyone. To understand what Starbucks contains, some of the most exciting details from the employees at Starbucks have been put into compilation here. This is to clarify that these people are not just baristas of Starbucks as they can do so much more.… Read More →

Is blockchain living up to the hype?

The blockchain is living up to the hype and went on to be very popular with the sole concept of people can become rich without investing. This grabbed the attention of many experienced IT professionals, software Vendors and consultants due to the cryptocurrency hype – Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is a form of Electronic cash or E-Cash which can be sent from bitcoin users over their network. Blockchain has some of the key features which make digital buying much secured. As in anyone can get noticed by trying to hack or manipulate the data which makes stealing close to impossible. No data is reversible making it more accurate. No offline stored information and everything online makes it worldwide accessible. The word blockchain was used to describe cryptocurrency bitcoin which was developed using this technology. As defined by wiki, a blockchain is… Read More →