4 Secrets From Starbucks Employees.

With a staff of 277,000 employees throughout the 24,000 shops, Starbucks is one of the biggest coffee shop chains around the world. The extremely efficient and fully trained employees have the job to prepare some of the best coffee related recipes, manage long lines of customers, understand the different menu choices, and never lose their composure when they do it because Starbucks ‘ mission statement is to serve the best quality coffee to everyone.

To understand what Starbucks contains, some of the most exciting details from the employees at Starbucks have been put into compilation here. This is to clarify that these people are not just baristas of Starbucks as they can do so much more.

The employees of Starbucks are not baristas

The employees of Starbucks are not considered baristas, and they are called partners by the company. Even though the primary purpose of using this term is to foster professionalism and commitment, it also helps with financial meaning. This means that only after a year of working with Starbucks, the employees get a small share within the company. This means that each of them becomes a stock partner after a year of working with Starbucks. This differs from region to region. Generally, every partner can make $10-$15 per hour, along with a 401 matching system and healthcare support.

Apron color

Contrary to popular belief, the color of the apron of the employees represents something. While most of the workers of Starbucks are typically seen wearing green aprons, you may also spot someone wearing a different color too. This represents their level of seniority in the branch. For instance, Starbucks ran a coffee master program in the company, which is when some of the workers received black aprons.

Amusement of funny names

It is a common practice at Starbucks to ask the first name of the customer when receiving their order. This name is written on their cup and called out when the law gets ready. Sometimes, some of the customers give a different name instead of their first name. Employees at Starbucks say that they have heard it before, and it is not funny at all. Alternatively, when people do such a thing, they are called by their drink specifications instead of their names.

Being a Starbucks partner makes you a caffeine demon

One of the best benefits of working with Starbucks? Free coffee. However, it is also a massive drawback because some partners drink so much coffee that they build a tolerance for caffeine in a few months. Many times, employees just try new drinks that are launched by Starbucks, and that makes up for a lot of caffeine intake in one day. Some of the partners claim that after a few months, one caffeinated drink does not even make a difference anymore concerning alertness. This means that they have to intake a higher amount of caffeine later on if they direly need it.