Private Jet Travel and Business Aviation

Private Jet and business aviation may sound like two entirely different things overall. But what we must understand is that both of these media involve a luxurious way of traveling that involves Hassle-free, on-time, and safe air travel. Usually, these sorts of air travel are used by the corporate world or by rich athletes and celebrities. In general, the term ‘Private Jet’ is much more common than ‘Business Aviation’ due to the wide availability of private jets all around the world. To avail of such services, there are many options available in the market. One can always opt to buy an aircraft, but a much cheaper mode would be to get a private jet card. This card enables the cardholder to book a flight at their requirement while paying according to the aircraft’s quality and the distance of travel.… Read More →

Tired of Expensive Airport Car Parking Bills? 5 Great Tips to Help Lower the Cost

Traveling by air is by no means the cheapest mode of transportation, and most travelers have written great reviews on how pressure-free and comfortable it is. However, a very disturbing and expensive issue related to traveling at airports is the cost of airport car parks. Understandably, the airport authority is trying to maintain orderliness and above all ensure the safety of our vehicles, however, the issue of paying for a car park space is commonly unbudgeted for and exorbitant. Although there are exceptions to this problem because some airports have their parking prices lowered, for example, check out the Columbia Airport parking price. This article will give 5 great tips to save on airport car parking bills and use the money to buy yourself a well needed cold drink. Book hotels that offer free parking deals: it might be… Read More →

Bournemouth City: What To Expect

Bournemouth is a city on the English south coast. The town has notable Victorian architecture and its location has made it a popular tourism destination. According to figures from the government, the city has over 5 million visitors yearly mostly because of its beaches and culture especially the nightlife. History of the city The area that now encompasses Bournemouth City was uninhabited during the 12th century. It wasn’t until the 16th century that a man named James Blount began a project to mine aluminium in the area with little fruition. In the 18th century, five private owners were awarded 5000 acres of land by the government. One of the owners anticipating that people will be attracted by the ocean decided to build villas on his land and charge rent whoever wanted to use them. In addition, he planted hundreds of… Read More →

How Much is Parking at Melbourne Airport?

Melbourne airport has one of the most prestigious parking slots for travelers in the world. The airport parking Melbourne is designed using modern technology in order to accommodate the large numbers of travelers’ cars. The airport parking has made things to be convenient for customers traveling out or escorting their loved ones for a flight. The parking slots in the airport are quite a few steps away from the boarding terminal.   The parking has walkways that are covered in order to protect the customers from the ever-changing weather. The terminals also have handicapped areas since the authority believes in serving people from all level without discrimination. All the parking lots in the airport are monitored by Melbourne Airport Police Department and also fitted with security cameras to capture footage in case of theft cases.   Unfortunately, the parking slots… Read More →