Tired of Expensive Airport Car Parking Bills? 5 Great Tips to Help Lower the Cost

Traveling by air is by no means the cheapest mode of transportation, and most travelers have written great reviews on how pressure-free and comfortable it is. However, a very disturbing and expensive issue related to traveling at airports is the cost of airport car parks. Understandably, the airport authority is trying to maintain orderliness and above all ensure the safety of our vehicles, however, the issue of paying for a car park space is commonly unbudgeted for and exorbitant. Although there are exceptions to this problem because some airports have their parking prices lowered, for example, check out the Columbia Airport parking price.
This article will give 5 great tips to save on airport car parking bills and use the money to buy yourself a well needed cold drink.

  1. Book hotels that offer free parking deals: it might be interesting for you to know that only 5 passengers out of 10 know that the hotels they stay in offer free parking deals. Although this tip is most suitable for travelers that live far from the airport, it is cost-effective when utilized. Due to the competition among hotels that are situated near airports, there is high security and absolutely no cost attached to this deal. One disadvantage of this method is that those hotels have limited park spaces, therefore you would have to book ahead of time. Its convenience, top security level, and low cost far outweighs its disadvantage.
  2. Choose your airport wisely: most passengers book flights in an airport basically because it is closer to them or because they use more interesting songs for their TV advertisement or because a celebrity mentioned it. Here is a tip: most popular airports are not only expensive but also demand ridiculous car park fees. To avoid this and save you some money, carefully choose an airport whose car park fees are cheap and affordable.
  3. Use the service of off-site parking facilities: not only their fees are more than 70% cheaper than airport parking lots, but they also provide a free shuttle to their customers. They guarantee the utmost security of their customers’ vehicles and have flexible prices for long-duration parking. One of the useful features that off-site parking lots offer is that each customer knows his/her exact car park space and prize upon booking.
  4. Use the help of airport parking services: these websites will display and meticulously explain different airports and their parking fees. This will give you an avenue to compare which of them most meet your budget. 
  5. Use public transport or car rentals: this should be used when the other options have been exhausted. Public transport is cheap and gives peace of mind knowing your car is safe at home, however, it is suitable for travelers with light luggage. If you have a lot of luggage, then using the services of a car rental company would be best for you.

Using a hired car to drive your luggage or large family to the airport and calling the car rental agency to come to pick up their car that same day is definitely more economical than driving with your car and paying expensive car park fees. Choose wisely!