How Much is Parking at Melbourne Airport?

Melbourne airport has one of the most prestigious parking slots for travelers in the world. The airport parking Melbourne is designed using modern technology in order to accommodate the large numbers of travelers’ cars.

The airport parking has made things to be convenient for customers traveling out or escorting their loved ones for a flight. The parking slots in the airport are quite a few steps away from the boarding terminal.


The parking has walkways that are covered in order to protect the customers from the ever-changing weather. The terminals also have handicapped areas since the authority believes in serving people from all level without discrimination.

All the parking lots in the airport are monitored by Melbourne Airport Police Department and also fitted with security cameras to capture footage in case of theft cases.


Unfortunately, the parking slots in Melbourne airport has no room for accommodating motorcycles and oversized vehicles. It is strictly car of certain tones only.

The payment methods have been made easier and you do not need to line up. You can use your Visa card and American express to make payments.


Airport parking Melbourne has been grouped into four categories in order to suit different types of travelers using the airport. The groups include:


Short Term Parking

These are travelers being dropped by their loved ones. They have the intention of only staying at the airport for a couple of hours only.

The rates can also suit those travelers who are going out for a couple of days not exceeding one week and they have the option of leaving their car behind for some days.

The rates are based on an hourly and daily basis. You will be charged $20 for parking for two hours with some extra charge of $3 for the first hour. On a daily basis, you will be charged a fixed rate of $ 50 per day.


Multi-Level Long Term Parking

This type of parking is suitable for those regular travelers going out for a period of like two weeks. The charges are quite fair since the rates are on a daily basis.

You can park your car in the airport parking slot and travel outside the country for a couple of weeks without being worried.

The cost of parking the car for one day is $50, two days is $95, three days $69, five days $69, ten days $99, one week $99 and two weeks is $197

If you are planning for a trip for vacation or business, you can use the above rates to budget your journey in a more effective and efficient way.


Long Term Parking

This type of parking plan sounds similar to multi-level long term parking but the rates make them quite different. The parking option at Melbourne airport is considered to be quite affordable.

The charges for two weeks is $154, one week $77, five days $69, three days $69, two days #46 and one day is #29. Unfortunately, the charges are susceptible to charges depending on the season.


Business Parking

This is the most secured parking slot in the airport. The slot typically accommodates those cars for business people who are ever traveling for business meetings or functions across the world.

The charges here are quite high as compared to other parking slots at the airport. For one day you will pay $50, two days $100, three days $150, five days $250 and one week for $350