Surprising Features and Ideas You Can Use to Market on Instagram

Managing an Instagram brand account daily should be considered a full-time occupation. It is a continuous hustle as you balance engaging your audience, posting new and exciting content, and marketing your products and services. To help you out a bit, we have some inspiration when it comes to that last item. Instagram has many features that might be perfect for your new post or story.

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Social media challenges

Challenges pop on almost a daily basis on social media. But this doesn’t mean you should attempt all of them. After all, you must provide content that your target audience relates to. Execute one that meets the business goals of your brand. At the end of the challenge, remember to encourage your followers to participate in the challenge and post them in your comments section. It is one of the recommended ways to drive interaction.

Use of a puzzle or crossword

The usual trend on Instagram is to post a high-quality photo that a reader can skim through in a second or two. It resonates with the fast-paced life that we live. However, why not break the monotony by offering something more challenging? A puzzle will make your audience pause through their scrolling and engage with your content so more. Of course, the end goal of the puzzle is your brand’s products or services.

A photo with a link in bio

Are you wondering how you might repost content from your other social media accounts? This is the option for you. With a great caption, a beautiful gallery, and a summary, you can use this idea. The photo gallery can be the visual aspect of the story and the caption below can give a summary/snippet. To read the whole piece, you will provide a link to the profile.

Interviews on Stories

Stories are removed after every 24 hours, which is both advantageous and not. Some Instagram users will prefer to skim through stories instead of through their whole feed. You can take advantage of that and post short interviews on your stories. It should be something engaging that immediately captures their attention. You can add a Q&A section in the next story.

Discount codes

The market has moved to the online space and social media users come to ‘window shop’ on different platforms. One of the ways to market and drive sales is to have offers and share discount codes. You can partner with another company, share the risk and offer one huge offer or discount campaign.

We hope the above few tips can change the way you market your services and goods. Always seek to change things up and avoid over-using an idea.