Is DUI a Criminal Conviction?

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Definition of DUI

Driving under the influence (DUI)I is a crime committed when an individual is caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or when the person is below the state alcohol consumption age. In New Jersey, the term is also used interchangeably with DWI which stands for “driving while intoxicated.” An individual can also face the law for allowing a person to drive while under the influence.

Physical tests

When a person is arrested the police can conduct either field sobriety tests (FSTs) or blood alcohol concentration test, or both. The FSTs in NJ are walk and turn instructions, one-leg stand instructions, and the horizontal gaze Nystagmus instructions. If you fail the FSTs or the BAC exceeds 0.08%, then you can be prosecuted for DUI. However, you should be aware that people have been taken to court for having lower levels as the law argues that alcohol interferes with your judgment. 

Under 21

In New Jersey, an individual must be above the age of 21 years to be allowed to purchase, consume, or carry alcohol. So, if you know that you are below that age avoid alcohol. However, if you are arrested, just contact DUI lawyer Fort Lee NJ and all will be well. 

Is it a Criminal Offense?

In the US, the laws change from state to state with some charging the DUI under crime and others as a traffic offense. In state and federal laws, a criminal conviction is a serious offense and many people dread facing a criminal charge since the jail terms are longer and the fines are bigger compared to other convictions. Fortunately, DUI is a traffic offense in NJ.


The penalties imposed on the guilty person vary. While it is lenient for the first offenders, it becomes severe when individuals are convicted severally.

Under 21

* Suspension of driving license for 30 to 90 days
* Community service for 15 to 30 days
* Enrolling in a alcohol and traffic safety program 

An overview of the penalties of the first offense shows that DUI is taken seriously in NJ 

* Fine $250-400
* Imprisonment not exceeding 30 days
* License suspension of 30 days
* Enrollment in an Intoxicated Driver Resource Center for not less than six hours for two days consecutively.
* Insurance surcharged $1,000 yearly for a period of 3 years.

However, the penalties increases if it is a first offense and the BAC is 0.10% or more, and if an individual is under the influence of a narcotic or hallucinogenic drug. Also, if he or she has been convicted again. Likewise, the judge may order the revocation of your vehicle’s registration. Besides, you may be required to install an ignition interlock for three years after the license is restored. A person who is caught driving with a child under the age of 17 faces also faces more charges.

If you have been arrested for a DUI/DWI in NJ, just contact DUI lawyer Fort Lee NJ.