What Insulation Is Best for Exterior Walls?

Insulation is an important topic when it comes to caring for your house. For starters, insulated walls can help you against harsh weather conditions. Also, wall insulation may help you significantly cut down on the electricity expenses. Insulation can do so by helping you avoid the use of appliances like ACs and heaters. However, insulation is not as simple as putting up a sheet against the wall. There are different technical aspects such as the R-levels and the depths of the insulation that you need to consider. If you want to know the best options for yourself, you have come to the perfect place. To provide you with this information we’ve contacted https://titanupgrades.com/services/insulation/ one of the best insulation contractors in the LA area. So, let’s see what options are suitable for you and classify the options available based on your needs. Without further ado, the following are some of the best insulation options for you:

Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Using fiberglass for insulation of walls is not a new idea. It has been used as insulation for many decades now. The perks of fiberglass insulation are that it is cost-effective and has good insulation properties. Hence, fiberglass insulations are the perfect options for domestic usage. The thickness of this material measures nearly R-2.8 to R3.9 per inch. Therefore, you can count on it to provide you with effective insulation all year round. The cost of fiberglass insulation is also not as high as many other options. Hence, it is an excellent option to consider.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam insulation is another highly practical option. You can use it with constructed walls as well as with walls that are under construction. The spray foam insulation can also fill in small cracks and gaps that may be in your walls. This feature makes it a perfect option for walls that have any such issue. The thickness it provides is nearly R3.7 per inch. The only drawback of using this spray foam insulation is that it costs more than the other potential options.  

Cellulose Insulation

If you want to avoid demolition of your walls, cellulose is the best way to go. The insulation of cellulose only needs small drilled holes in the walls. The cellulose is blown into the walls via the small drilled holes. A tube is fitted inside the walls to pump cellulose. In terms of the thickness, the range offered by the cellulose is R3.3 to R3.8. Cellulose insulation also measures high up in terms of safety. Nearly 85% of the material is made out of recycled newspapers that are treated with fire retardants. Hence, there is also a touch of sustainability with cellulose insulation.


Using insulation with your walls may bring you several benefits. Irrespective of the climate you live in, you can always use good insulation to help you keep the effects of the harsh weathers minimal. Various expenses can be mitigated by the use of the insulation as well. Think of it as a one-time investment. The long-term benefits of insulation are monumental.