What is the Department of Defense Manpower Data Center?

The Department of Defence Manpower Data Centre works in resonance with the office of the Secretary of Defense for the purpose of gathering workforce, personnel, training, and other information sources for the Defence department. The data categorizes the history of personnel who have served in the military, in order to apply for retirement funding, healthcare, and other services. The DMDC has several offices located in Seaside, California, Alexandria, and Virginia.


The DMDC came into being in 1974 as a workforce for Manpower Research and Data analytics. In 1976, its name was shifted to Defense Manpower Data Center. However, in order to gain administrative support, the facility was shifted to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The main focus of the facility is to provide the informational needs of the main office.

The facility came into place right after the Vietnam War. As a result of the war, the active military forces, as well as military personnel strengths, were dropping which is why the All-Volunteer Force came into place. That is why there was a need for this department to gather the available workforce as well as personnel data. The DMDC has shown an increased use during the time of October 2016 to November 2017.

However, a data glitch occurred in November 2017 which is why the DMDC could not publish any more data regarding the temporarily deprived service members. This made it impossible for the US Consensus Bearue to apply new statistical policy.

Mission of DMDC

The main purpose of DMDC is divided into three categories. The very first focus of the facility is to gather, maintain, and organize an archive workforce, personnel, training and other data centers for the Department of Defence. The second purpose is to fulfill the requirements of the office of Under Secretary Defence for Personnel and Readiness as well as other members of the workforce. The facility of DMDC gathers accurate and updated data and provides it to these offices. The third purpose is to run and maintain personnel programs and conduct frequent researches and analytics directed by the OUSD.


On 4th May 2016, the DMDC presented the new Antiterrorism and DEERS support for the military health DMDC brochures for distribution.
On 11th Feb 2015 released the overview report for the 2014 Service Academy Gender Relations Survey which assessed the commonness of gender-related issues like unwanted sexual contact, harassment, etc. at the U.S Air Force Academy, U.S Military Academy, U.S Naval Academy, and the U.S Coast Guard Academy between the period of 2013-2014.

On 20th Aug 2014, DMDC hosted MAJ D. Alan Nelson and LTC Ian Lee for am overview of DMDC, where the key areas where DMDC’s support could be needed in OTSG’s work.

On 7th Aug 2014, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act web application’s release was announced, which is now running version 3.0, allowing multiple record request processing to no longer to be restricted to non-duty hours.