Top 5 Gaming Instagram Influencers

Today we will talk not about the games but about those who review these games. And it’s not easy to choose the top ten here. First, why is it difficult to choose the best and the most popular – there is no single channel that everyone likes. What one person likes can genuinely disgust the other, and here the number of subscribers and views of each video is not an indicator. And finally, one more reason that complicates the compilation of this top is that the number of the most interesting, adequate, and popular game Instagram Influencers is much more than ten, and someone is bound to be undeservedly forgotten.


Gaming is very cool. Nesta, a nonprofit organization, published the findings from a statistical sample of 10,000 adult British citizens. As it turned out, people who are into online games are more educated and tolerant than most of the population. They like to read books, regularly go to the movies, theaters, and museums, and tend to be creative and creative. And if we look at successful and famous gamers who have many Instagram followers for free, we see that they fully confirm the British study. There are plenty of names and projects on the expanse of the World Wide Web that deserve attention. We couldn’t help but include one of the most popular bloggers in the world in this selection. Today, PewDiePie’s channel has millions of followers, including on Instagram, where he has 21 million followers.

On YouTube, he already has more than 100 million. Felix Schelberg most often makes review videos of video game playthroughs. In addition, about once a week, the popular Swede describes travel on his channel. PewDiePie is the king of the internet and the man who pioneered the year spots. Today you can find all kinds of videos on Felix’s channel – he responds to every news of the YouTube community. But he started with Amnesia-format video trailers. He attracted attention at once with his original presentation and style, and he soon created his own fan community. Nowadays, PewDiePie releases his videos less frequently, but as soon as he adds such a review to his channel, he collects millions of views.

Daniel Middleton

Many gaming influencers on Instagram are very popular these days and Dan is one of them. He is the author and host of the DanTDM channel with an incredible number of followers: his blog is regularly viewed by more than 26 million people on YouTube, and his Instagram followers are 3.5 million. What can a professional gamer talk about? Not just about games: Daniel publishes news digests and snippets of funny moments from gaming sessions.


The author of the channel, Shaul McLauchlin, is an Irish YouTube blogger, letsplayer, and video game commentator. He started making videos for YouTube right after graduating with a degree in Hotel Management. One of his most popular videos is called Mirror’s Edge with Oculus Rift. He signed a contract to create exclusive content on Twitch with Disney Digital Network. He has over 28 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 8 million followers on Instagram.


Markiplier is a shining representative of the planet’s highest-paid video bloggers, who started just playing video games or goofing around on camera but has expanded into solid revenue-generating world tours, merchandising, and more. His YouTube audience is over 33 million, and he has almost 11 million subscribers on Instagram.


Witty Canadian gamer Evan Fong plays popular games like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed and is followed by nearly 4 million on Instagram, and over 25 million people watch his YouTube videos. In between, he’s trying his hand at hip-hop, but music (at least for now) doesn’t bring in as much revenue as the art of being a couch warrior.