Can Weighted Blankets Heal Your Psyche?

Setting newer trends in the bedding industry, weighted blankets are the newest innovation that has single-handedly managed to capture the attention of masses. Some say it is an efficient tool to overcome anxiety and stress, while some say it enables you to feel extremely relaxed and supported. Known to be the solution for various different sensory disorders, this new addition surely sounds beneficial for your health and seems to be very promising! One of the most widely recognized issues that an enormous amount of people face is related to depression, anxiety, and stress. The best weighted blankets are available at Mela Comfort, they always provide the best deals such as this one: Mela Weighted Blankets – 100 Night Trial + Free Shipping!

What more could an individual want than to have a blanket that is the cure to his/her never-ending stress cycles which hurt daily functioning due to lack of sleep?
In order to validate this, let’s take a look at the relationship between the weighted blankets and your psyche.

Weighted Blankets & Your Psyche

Snuggling in a weighted blanket does not just feel good, it also ensures that it heals your psyche in drastic ways. It does this by exerting a level of pressure on your body in such a way that the stress-relieving hormones of serotonin and melatonin are released. The release of these two hormones aids in the improvement of your anxiety and makes you feel better overall.

The calming nature of the weighted blankets ensures that cortisol- the stress hormone is lessened and this majorly reduces your stress levels at night and allows you to sleep peacefully. Another reason why the pressure coming from the weighted blankets is favorable is that the blankets ground the body during sleep, which controls the production of cortisol majorly.

Thus, as the blanket controls levels of stress hormones and ensures the production of stress-relieving hormones, it can be established that the weighted blankets are major contributors to healing your psyche. Your psyche can be regulated and positivity can be enhanced as you will begin to sleep peacefully and will wake up after completing a suitable amount of sleep.

The stronghold of the blanket will make you feel supported and will provide the same feeling as that of being hugged or cuddled, and this always makes a person feel better and less lonely if their anxiety stems from loneliness. The blankets also provide a stronghold which ensures that you do not move or fidget constantly and this feeling of stillness makes it hard for you to disrupt your sleep.


Weighted blankets are exceptionally well at handling your stress and clearing your mind every night as you fall asleep. Consequently, it is concluded that they are extremely advantageous for healing your psyche. It reduces the stress hormone and boosts your mood while regulating your sleep cycle. Weighted blankets have gained popularity and that too for the right reasons. It solves a multitude of problems as reported by hundreds of people around the world. It is the remedy to depression, anxiety and an exhausted psyche.